Tuesday, August 20, 2013


“The path to awakening from suffering…calls for vigilant discipline. We are asked to believe in Love without seeing it and to see fear without believing it”.

Nouk Sanchez

After two years of weekly gathering, Light Tree is taking a sabbatical to contemplate what we have learned so far.

Our meetings have been supremely important in helping us stay present with the various teachings we have studied as we learn new ways to apply them to our everyday lives. We are continuing to gather along with various other groups and individuals who are concerned with awakening to the truth of who we are.

This is not a journey for the faint-hearted. However, by remaining vigilant and practicing forgiveness we are more confident when we face something that appears overwhelming or fearful. We are certain that any thing that appears to cause suffering cannot possibly be real and therefore choose love instead. We have seen repeatedly the transformative power of changing our thoughts from fear to love and are committed to deepen our awareness further.

The mutual support, wisdom and insight that emerge at each meeting is a miracle in itself. As challenging as life appears to be, we have come to understand that each event that appears on the screen of our awareness is really an important opportunity to heal our minds. We continually remind ourselves and each other that the contents of our stories are unimportant, but they are essential to noticing and releasing the fear thoughts that appear to arise in all their forms.

We wish you many blessings for your own awakening, and encourage you to contact us by email with any thoughts or insights that may arise.