Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finding our inner authority

Remember the false self is false; it is non-existent, but by believing in it, we act as if it were real.

-Vernon Howard-

If we are to free ourselves from the need to place our power in the hands of others, we must first acknowledge that illness itself may be a sign that we have already given away part of our authentic self.

Dr. Michael Greenwood notes in his book, Braving the void: Journeys into healing that physicians are often taught that they must carefully consider the messages they convey to patients. Because of the enormous power that contemporary society places upon medical authority, both physician and patient becomes trapped by the limitations of these beliefs.

In healing my own misplaced beliefs about the collection of symptoms named Multiple Sclerosis, I learned that when I placed my power with an external authority, I became paralyzed with fear. My inner voice became more obscured than ever, and I felt terrorized by my ego’s frantic efforts to take control. I even contemplated suicide, so deep was my pain and torment.

Since then, I have learned that healing is a journey into the very heart and soul of what I believe is my self. Healing, or the descent within to reconnect with the lost self can be messy, painful and confusing.

For this reason, finding a group or person who will walk the journey with you is essential. It is not a journey for the fainthearted; sometimes only illness or threat of loss will bring us to the brink of looking for a new way to experience ourselves.  Whether it is your mom, family physician, massage therapist, neighbour or support group, create a team of loving people around your emerging self.

Whatever the method you become drawn to, check in with yourself along the way and see if it’s right for you. Be willing to let go of things you cling to, and notice ways you avoid or deny people, things or ideas. I have found these things only appear to be real, so forgive and release them. They are only obstacles to the awareness of Love’s presence.

Rediscovering your true self is worth it because, surprise! You are much more than you ever thought you’d be. Don’t take my word for it; that’s for you to find out for yourself.

When you find your own path towards the heart, you have turned a corner. There is no going back to your old, limited self. Yes, you are different now, never to be the same again. Give thanks for that!