Monday, November 21, 2011

To love or fear: this is the question

"…anguish is unknowingly intensified and reinforced when we journey through it with fear and doubt as our guides. If we can learn to use the situation as a catalyst for facing up to and undoing fear rather than feeding it…we can unite in healing the underlying cause of all distress-which is fear it self. When the perception of fear falls away all that’s left is love. Love is the core of our true nature."

Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieria. authors of Take me to Truth.

When illness or similar events come knocking on your door, perhaps it is an invitation to view the circumstances differently. It is unhelpful when we become so overwhelmed with fear that we cannot see all the possibilities in a situation. If we are willing to move past our hurt, confusion and suffering, there is a different way to view our lives.

Sally Patton, in her wonderful book, Don’t fix me, I’m not broken describes how labelling illness can come to be a help, or a limitation to healing. She describes how labels can serve to bring services to a person in need. However, fear can arise if we begin to believe the limiting thought that this label is wholly true and that we are defective and in need of ‘fixing’. If we are tempted to view ourselves as passive and broken, rather than whole and wonderful, our suffering can intensify.

If we are able to see that our true nature is Loving Presence we can relax and be open to self awareness. Awakening to our true self is a natural aspect of the human experience. Everyone has the ability to be a loving presence when life appears to be calling out for a new experience.

A skilled art therapist such as Christine can assist us to take these shadows out of the depths of our mind and illuminate them with the wisdom of inner guidance. It’s funny to see how the monsters that might have haunted us all our lives appear to be frail and illusory when brought with kindness into the light of day. Clearly, when invited with the intention to heal, inner guidance emerges spontaneously to be our friend and guide. 

Working with guidance from spirit is a universal ability that everyone is able to draw upon. It is not a mystery or a talent only available to a select few. You and your loved ones can have full faith in your ability to know how your next steps might unfold. It is only the thought of fear that locks us in its tight embrace.

I have found that labelling illness is neither good nor bad. Choosing to include various healing methods such as acupuncture, yoga or psychotherapy can be just as valuable as a trip to your physician. It’s up to us whether we invest this decision with love and confidence, or doubt and fear.