Tuesday, December 20, 2011


“…Awakening of the heart leads us to question every belief, challenge every perception, and re-evaluate our intentions.. we realize how we form judgements based on these images…from this value system we make endless plans for our lives, we set goal for ourselves and others, and we attempt to control our surroundings and the events that occur.”

 Maggie Victor, A choice for love

Christine was recently guided to consider ‘weightlessness’ before starting a Mandala workshop. Meditation and reflection on this concept revealed the value of handing our burdens over to spirit, the inner teacher.

As we begin to notice the sophisticated ways that habitual thoughts interfere with our peace, we make slow but sure strides toward undoing the ego. Affirming that these thoughts are not real and forgiving ourselves for believing in them is very powerful. As we begin to question beliefs that we have taken for granted, we start to regain our true selves.

Very often, beliefs are heavy and weigh us down with fear and worry. As we learn to hand them over, we discover the weightlessness of our true nature. From this place of peace we become open to inner direction. When we develop confidence in our ability to listen to spirit in our own unique way, we rely much less on the learned patterns of the past.

Rear view of seated meditation
This image emerged from Christine’s inner eye. It shows that by surrendering the ideas and beliefs of the world, we can awaken to a deeper kind of awareness. From this place, we are free from the burdens we have placed upon ourselves that can lead to illness.

Experience has shown us that our divine nature is all-powerful and always brings us what we need in ways that we can handle. This may not appear to be the case to our ego, which always tries to undermine our efforts. Laughter can be wonderful medicine when ego tries to make things too serious.

Forgive yourself for believing that you are small and insignificant and reach fearlessly and passionately toward the immense love that you are. As you may have found, joining with your true nature is an unforgettable and profound experience; it changes the way you view your life and the lives of those around you forever.