Monday, February 13, 2012

Let the Heart be your guide

“The Mystery seems to delight in differences. It extends itself outward into countless forms…When you look with your heart at any aspect of the Mystery rather than with your thoughts and feelings, you will discover the Oneness underlying all differences.” 

Nirmala, Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self

Cultivating a habit of forgiving ourselves whenever we feel the urge to judge ourselves, or others, is easier than letting our habits rule our behaviour. When we learn to rest in our hearts and extend love whenever we have a chance, we feel lighter instantly. Confusion lifts and the path seems clearer. The peace we experience from this practice is an essential aspect of the healing process.

At Light Tree we strive toward clearing our minds from false thoughts and ground our awareness in a less fearful and more loving state. We have been joining in small groups to discover ways we habitually live with obstacles to the awareness of love’s presence. We delight in bringing false beliefs from their hiding places into the light of awareness so they can be acknowledged and dissolved.

There is real value in bringing the information contained within our thoughts and feelings into Loving Presence. It is only with gentle, non-judgemental awareness that these wary, but potentially powerful fragments of our selves can come into view. Once they have delivered their message they can quickly and easily join with the Oneness within each of us. Seemingly fragmented aspects of our psyche want to find peace once they have named their purpose. They quickly realize all they are is love and have no wish to be apart from wholeness any longer.

Any healing process, whether it appears in the form of illness or relationship difficulties, requires the reconnection of lost parts of our selves. It appears as if the illusion of our Self as broken into separate, conflicting parts needs to be recognized. When we are committed to healing, it becomes clear that we are already whole and complete. There is nothing to fix and no need to hide.