Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Opening the Heart

“Miracles honour you because you are loveable.  They dispel illusions about yourself and perceive the light in you. Thus they atone for your errors by freeing you from your nightmares. By releasing your mind from the imprisonment of your illusions, they restore your sanity.”

Principle 33: A Course in Miracles

On Valentines Day 2012, The Light Tree group gathered to meditate and explore the nature of love more fully. It seemed appropriate to use this day to deepen our awareness of peace because on this symbolic day, images of the heart seem to appear everywhere.

February 14th is a day many of us set aside to show our love and appreciation to those around us. We felt deep gratitude for our willingness to awaken to loves presence. It takes a great deal of courage and patience to notice ways we create obstacles to the basic happiness that is our true nature.

The following day, February 15th, Melanie lead a meditation group and called upon inner guidance to help ease the stress and tension group members were feeling. Guidance encouraged participants to cease making any effort to ‘do’ anything except rest in the heart and fall effortlessly backwards.

From this place of deep resting, the only thing left to do was experience a profound sense of being held in divine light. From this place it seemed easy and natural to release. Anything that was not pure love could fall away easily and gently; a purification of immense proportions.

On the same day Christine spent time drawing and painting as a way to explore the obstacles that had led her to feel a heavy, blue heart. She spent time patiently inquiring and asking her inner teacher for guidance. Her drawings illustrate perfectly the teaching of falling backwards into the light.

Any tightly held places in the mind or body are clues to deep resistance to the awareness of loves presence. In these unyielding places, light cannot flow freely and fearful thoughts become trapped. Ideas of ugliness, unworthiness and loneliness appear as pain, tension and stiffness. Fortunately, none of these ideas are true. Once we are willing to bring relief to the ache by calling on love and self-acceptance as healer, they quickly dissolve back into nothingness.

Our task is to give up our resistance and have the courage to surrender our grievances and projected judgments toward others. If we are willing, spirit takes care of the rest.