Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oasis Within

“We don't spend a lot of time reading and we are not at all methodical...
we follow the Teaching as it is revealed in the moment”

Jewel (Julia Day)

Lately we have been practicing being patient with the ‘felt sense’ and noticing the images arising from our unconscious mind. This has been very helpful to the process of letting go of ideas and belief systems that have held us in a vise and cause us pain. Most of them live below the surface activities of our everyday lives and we have found that it is essential to slow down and pay attention to their message.

Gathering to study and compare our experiences has been extremely useful. Regular joining has enabled us to draw upon events in our daily lives that illustrate how outworn ideas have been stored as energy in our bodies. Once we are able to become fully present and relaxed, the felt sense shows us where parts of us are stuck and want to be released back to wholeness.

This process has brought all of us a great deal of peace as we become less triggered by the events in our lives. We are constantly learning new ways to see these events as opportunities for healing. While it is useful to draw upon the teachings of various traditions, Light Tree gatherings give us the opportunity to practice them in our everyday lives.

Christine’s reflection on this mandala shows how the process of being present with her inner guidance brought new energy to some outworn patterns in her life.

“I had a pleasant surprise today!

Abundance and growth in the form of three tiny hearts has appeared in the centre. This feels much lighter in contrast to the heaviness in my heart when I entered into the mandala this morning. Now, when I look at the lightness, brightness and colour of the central garden, I can connect to feelings of joy within my Self.

Stepping back, the outside turquoise ring looks like mindless drones marching around I a ‘same ole, same ole’ pattern that seems to represent the busy-ness of the outer world. I notice that I am distracted by the same old self limiting messages. As my eye moves inward, a spacious stillness, no-thing-ness Is where the brilliance & abundance of Truth breaks through”