Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I feel, therefore I Am

 "[The heart] represents our capacity to “let go and let God”. With its energy we accept our personal emotional challenges as extensions of a Divine plan, which has its intent our conscious evolution.

By releasing our emotional pain, by letting go of our need to know why things have happened as they have, we reach a state of tranquility. In order to achieve that inner peace…we have to embrace the healing energy of forgiveness and release our lesser need for human, self-determined justice”.

Caroline Myss: Anatomy of the Spirit (1996). 

At The Light Tree we are becoming increasingly curious about the power of the ‘felt sense’ and it ability to help us transform our physical and emotional hurts into awareness of ourselves as Divine beings.

We are learning to use the felt sense to open our hearts and move ‘out of our heads’ and into our bodies. What does this mean to those of us living our daily lives in the ‘real’ world? We have noticed that emotions can reveal places that we habitually avoid because they are filled with fearful, suppressed images. Instead, a paradigm shift in awareness has called us to view them as signposts to the gateway of the heart.

Emotions show us a path to transformation and healing that holds immense potential to behold our true selves. They can help us to transcend the shackles that appear to bind us to self limitation and suffering. We don’t need to search for meaning in our discomfort. Instead, we can journey into the heart of our resistance and find ourselves going through a doorway into an authentic experience of ourselves. We can use the felt sense to recover lost, traumatized pieces and bring them to wholeness.

Previously we might have believed that our emotions are sentimental and ‘gooey’. We now know that they are a powerful guide to places we have avoided looking at for fear of further pain. In fact, a journey into the heart reveals a plethora of ways to experience ourselves more deeply by expanding our awareness beyond the usual five senses. Beyond the rational and analytic mind lies a vast realm of knowing.

We are happy to report that we don’t need to wallow in unpleasant feelings and get lost in our story. What we resist only persists and waits for another opportunity for release. By drawing on inner guidance and the support of trusted friends, teachers or fellow students we can use our felt sense to reveal a direct experience of our True nature.