Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finally, a way in.

…the heart is not the seat of one’s personal emotional life, but an organ of spiritual perception…Its purpose is to navigate along the vertical axis and stay in alignment with “the Image of one’s true nature.” Itself a resonant field, it functions like a homing beacon between the realms; and when it is strong and clear, it creates a synchronous resonance between them.

Cynthia Bourgealt: from Chapter 4. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene.
The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the Woman at the heart of Christianity (2010).

At Light Tree it is becoming clearer that our collective purpose in taking human form is to learn how to attune to life through our heart. We are deepening our understanding of how this takes place, and dedicating our daily experiences to ‘feeling fully’ into our true nature which is aligned with the heart.

We are developing greater confidence in our ability to trust our inner guidance to bring us into the harmonious flow of life. We are constantly astonished and delighted how easily we are brought to peace when we surrender our attachment to ‘how things should be’ and experience with open-ness and non-judgement instead.

Christine has been reviewing some of her paintings to illustrate what happens when we have the courage to sit with the fear that inevitably arises as we expand and make being heart-centred a daily practice. If we allow ourselves to journey inward, deep-seated fears will reveal themselves. From here we can sit patiently until we are guided to move forward. The support of our friends, family and Mighty Companions can be very beneficial at this stage.

Our lives give us constant opportunity to practice noticing what being open feels like, then being shut down by fear. We can open again, notice what’s happening, then feel it with fear instead. This process is called titration. Eventually we start to choose openness and trust more often because it feels better and leads to greater happiness. By paying close attention, it becomes clear that our generalized apprehension does not serve us. We are waking up instead of moving zombie-like and mindlessly through life.

This illustration shows what happens when we stay open to what is happening around us.

After painting mostly ‘sweetness and light ’for almost a year I allowed a little black paint onto my palette. Up to that point I had not included black or dark red among my chosen colours. It made its way into the painting in the form of a black spider which had appeared in a dream and at the time, represented fear.’

Christine painted this picture during a different phase of her life, and was surprised and pleased to review it and see how her feelings about the spider had changed. This time she saw that it appeared as an opening to her heart instead of a symbol of fear. Her awareness was no longer limited and compressed by the same sensation of being closed. By taking a risk and engaging with her mistrust and discomfort she found her way back to ‘sweetness and light’ after all.