Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Rainbow Bridge

Many sense the fact that all Souls are part of the one human Soul, but this fact is not yet generally recognized and accepted. This causes certain segments of the human race to feel superior to others and hold unreasonable prejudices. There has been a lot of talk about brotherhood but very little practice of the concept as yet. Ultimately… individuals will know their fundamental brotherhood as Souls and act from knowledge, rather than belief”.

The Rainbow Bridge (1982).

Trying to go in

Our discussions at The Light Tree have revolved around our awareness that the journey of the heart leads us to a deeper awakening of ourselves as aspects of One Whole. We have been using our felt sense to become aware of how fear becomes lodged in our bodies and can distract us from experiencing the deep peace of our true nature.

It is helpful to become aware of these bodily sensations and sit patiently with the message they hold for us. Because the feelings we are engaging are very often uncomfortable to experience, we have been asking ourselves, “What’s wrong with suffering? The reason we do this stems from the realization that we are so terrified of what we might find, or the sensations that arise, that we frantically push the feeling away before we begin.

We can ask ourselves, (or have someone ask us) “What is the wound I am trying to escape experiencing?” We can also be curious about the strategies we use for this escape. If we can recognize these sensations and not yield to the impulse change them, it is possible that they have a clear message for us.

Direct experience has shown us that if we can hold space for the felt sense to show us the message below our discomfort, it dissolves into nothingness. In reality we are simply innocent; guiltless and without need to prove our worthiness to anyone. Accepting this level of inner peace is so delicious that we resist it like crazy. It can’t really be true! Can it?  

At some level we can accept the idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with us and we are in dire need of fixing, but not our own clear, sweet, divine nature. This is the real blasphemy. To reject the truth of who we are is to postpone the healing of our hearts and minds. We stay blind to the One-ness and continue dabbling with smallness and separation.

We can employ kenosis and be willing to let things come and go without grabbing on. We do not cling, or resist. We accept things as they are without judging and trying to rationalize or make sense of them according to our narrow view. When we meet the belief head on we realize we have spent our whole lives trying to avoid suffering. If we can hold the space open (even for a brief moment) without judging what arises we can be supremely confident that everything is ok just the way it is…..