Thursday, July 12, 2012

“My disciples learn to look upon all that happens with an open heart and an open mind. They grow increasingly willing to surrender their narrow beliefs and prejudices.

They refrain from condemning themselves or others for the mistakes they make, but try to learn from these mistakes so that they will not repeat them.

My disciples grow more respectful and intimate in their relationship with God every day. They learn to let the indwelling God lead the way in their lives. Thinking of me and attending to my example helps them do this.”

Jesus: Love Without Conditions (Paul Ferrini, 2009)

Our practice at The Light Tree has enabled us to reflect upon what it means to be guided by Spirit in our everyday lives. We strive to take the experiences that appear before us and see them as opportunities to deepen our understanding of love. Sometimes we stumble and find ourselves treating outward events as if they were real in themselves, as opposed to opportunities for healing.

When we notice this happening we stop and notice the bodily sensations that accompany the event. The felt sense immediately brings clarity to the situation. We become curious about what is unfolding and let go of trying to make sense of it ourselves.

We call upon Spirit to show us the true meaning of events and guide us about how to proceed next. The pace of this process may seem slow because we have less of an automatic, defensive response to everything that appears before us. Insights might take milliseconds or weeks to unfold, but they always seem to reveal themselves at the perfect time.

This week we described what we noticed when we are ‘grounded’ in our True Self. We agreed that a sensation of being grounded makes being in the present moment very easy. Our mind is not racing about and trying to make up stories about what it perceives around it. We are relaxed and energized. Our attitude is open and receptive to guidance from Spirit because we are willing to learn new ways of acting and reacting to the world around us.

Being grounded in our True Self means that we are resting in our Soul body and trusting its wisdom. We are not hooked into making events in the world seem real and threatening. We only want to rest in the Peace of God which dwells within us and guides our every move. We are Whole, safe and fully protected by the projections and fears dreamed up by our minds.

We are reminded of the Buddha who saw the arrows that rained down upon him as harmless flowers. We know the world is not perfect, but with time and patience we are learning to step back and perceive it perfectly.