Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Peace

The peace of God is shining in me now.
Let all things shine upon me in that peace,
And let me bless them with the light in me.

A Course in Miracles. (2007).

When unexpected illness arrives on our doorstep it can be a blessing in disguise. While we appear to be healthy, our lives can seem busy and frantic. Sickness can be an invitation to make connecting with our inner self our main priority. When we slow down long enough to listen, the healing light that is always pouring from our hearts comes into sharper focus. When we step aside from our ideas about how things ‘should’ look and see them as they really are, the healing process can begin.

A recent visit with a skilled healer was a reminder of this. He spoke about how despite his best efforts, a piece of unhealed anger still clung stubbornly to him. It seemed to have evaded years of subtle inquiry and attempts to move it. He was concerned that people he was working with could feel his unresolved hurt and as a result, could not move past some of their own fears.

Clearly this was a deeply self aware and compassionate man. He felt stuck, as we all feel stuck from time to time. Drawing upon a ‘Beginners Mind’, we sat and asked our inner healer to take the lead and show us what was needed. From our sincere and open place of inquiry, spirit emerged and showed us that the hurt place was composed of deeply held aspects of his childhood. These memories hid deep in his subconscious mind because they felt so unworthy that they could not imagine being loved.

What a relief! We can do something about this…. Bringing Loving Presence to these parts feels so good!

Compassion is a joyful aspect of our true nature and loves to bring its gifts to our hurts. Other people who share this experience can also be healed when one of us takes the plunge and addresses buried pain.

The key to readiness for this kind of healing is forgiveness. We must be willing to give up all our judgements and attempts to make sense of the past. We simply don’t know. When our hearts and minds are uncluttered by our attempts to understand, we can bring the light of love to shine upon these seemingly unlovable parts. Simply holding them in our awareness and asking for healing can be enough to transform them.

We do not really know what love is. Trying to put words to divine love is like trying to describe a symphony with only a few bars of music. We simply don’t know. It’s bigger and more wonderful than we can ever describe. It can only be felt by the heart in the moment that it happens.