Monday, January 2, 2012


“Spirituality is the consciousness that life is okay the way it is. It doesn’t need to be changed or fixed. When you accept your experience, you don’t hold on to the past or look for happiness in the future. You dwell in the present moment and that is where love abides…

…Much of your pain is caused by your erroneous belief that you are cut off from the Source of love. Give up that belief and love will find you instantly…

…You have only one person to forgive in your journey and that is yourself. You are the judge. You are the jury…and you are the prisoner.”

Reflections of the Christ Mind: the present-day teachings of Jesus Christ.

Paul Ferrini (2000).

Meditation is an invaluable tool for connecting with our inner self. Without it, life can take us in many different directions. This often leads toward greater confusion and unhappiness. When we take time to be present and listen we see that it is only false beliefs about ourselves and others that get in our way. These are the obstacles to the awareness of love’s presence.

It is clear that there is no single tradition to suit everyone. For many, practicing yoga can help develop greater discernment between the bossy, frantic voice of the ego and our peaceful, relaxed, unconcerned inner selves. It appears that the simple and ordinary human desire to connect to its true source is enough to guide us home.

Sometimes developing a regular prayer and meditation practice seems so complicated that we don’t bother to try. The familiar way of doing things just convinces us that our lives are too busy …Maybe some other time, some other place…I’ll be ready later…

All these seemingly important things only delay our natural ability to experience inner wisdom. Cultivating the willingness to connect is enough to guide us back to our true selves. Kahlil Gibran reminds us, “It is enough that you enter the temple invisible” (The Prophet, 1923). In other words, we don’t need complex rituals to remind us of what is already true

We do not need to retreat from the world in order to lead a contemplative life. We are called to practice despite the chaos and confusion of everyday life. This is why acceptance and forgiveness are so essential to awakening. The trail that leads to peace is well worn and there are many ways to find our way home. The decision to stop and listen to love’s voice in the present moment is the first step.