Monday, January 9, 2012

True courage

“Recognizing every event as an answer to prayer allows you to move out of fear and into courage….the act of looking at all the things in your life that you feel negative about… and imprinting on them that you understand that everything happens in order for you to look forward…the more you inhabit the realm of grace that comes from understanding that you are Divine.”

L.D. Thompson, The message: a guide to being human (2011).

We all face crisis in our lives from time to time. It’s all part of being human. But how do we address these fears when they arise? The real question is, will they help us grow or stay stuck in old patterns? Discomfort is often an invitation to evolve but can be cloaked as something we judge to be hurtful. We often push it away as fast as possible, or allow it to hide behind something else. It can be very sneaky, tricky and persistent as it tries to evade detection.

Taking every opportunity to abide in our divine presence can assist us to see difficult situations more clearly. This is why meditation, yoga, exercising in nature and other forms of aligning with the inner self are essential to spiritual awakening. Trying to resolve any situation without the heart’s guidance can lead us in confusing circles. Our limited mind simply cannot see the ‘big picture’ that is unfolding all around us.

Buddhists know that cultivating a ‘Beginners Mind’ helps us stop trying to make sense of the confusion that emerges during illness or conflict. Instead of jumping on the wheel of panic, we can try resting in the thought “I don’t know”, to every thought until peace starts to arise. By telling the ego-mind to take a back seat, our inner wisdom can emerge spontaneously and effortlessly to clear away the frantic, jangling noise of fear.

We can be curious about the habitual thought patterns that arise when we do this. Our daily world revolves around ‘knowledge’ and how it is supposed to operate to keep us safe. It appears as if fear wants us to believe that it is in charge and knows what to do. How funny!

Let us be confident that all situations have arisen in order to deepen our awareness of love’s presence. Try making a daily practice of dwelling with your relaxed, unconcerned self and embrace any difficulties that appear on the screen of your awareness. Accept it as a mysterious gift that is yet to unfold.

Forgive yourself when you feel confused and alone. Ask your inner guide to show you another way. Be patient. Until the fear subsides and its yammering voice steps aside, your true self cannot deliver a new script.  

We are waiting for a prompting that comes from deep within and comes without words. Its images are of peace and are totally without fear. You’ll recognize these when you feel them because this is who we really are. We just drifted into sleep for a while…. Awaken yourself with utmost, gentle affection.