Thursday, January 26, 2012

Personal biographies: Bringing Your Truth to Life

‘This Self is neither born nor dies, it neither grows nor decays, nor does it suffer any change. When a pot is broken the space inside it is not, and similarly, when the body dies, the Self in it remains eternal’.

Ramana Maharshi

We communicate the essence of who we are in every moment. Our lives bring endless opportunities to express our true selves and deepen awareness of our divine nature. Whether it is through illness, mortality, war, homelessness, or an impoverished childhood, we are always seeking to find, heal and express all aspects of ourselves.

We continually collect and re-evaluate aspects of our seemingly fragmented selves so that we can create order and meaning from them. It feels good to share the wisdom we have gained. We enjoy sharing our insights and passing them on to future generations so they can recall our brief but powerful journey on earth. 

Personal biographies from The Light Tree are a short but potent summary of what we have learned from our life experiences. They capture the essence of our insights which include awareness of the inner self as the author of our life history.

For example, in a recent interview a gentleman discussed some difficulties he had experienced during his childhood. The following paragraph shows how his strengths emerged from willingness to experience life challenges differently. He did not wish to stay feeling victimized by his circumstances, but wanted to grow and call upon these insights to assist others. He found a way to make his life rich and meaningful despite adversity:

“…(He) is a vessel that holds the space for spirit to bring transformation into the lives of those who surround him. His steady heart lets people know that they have found a secure place which is safe and comforting. He has developed a subtle understanding of the energies that connect him to spirit and he is able to pay attention to any shifts in sensation that are cues to deepening awareness...”

This paragraph illustrates how a Light Tree personal biography captures the essence of someone’s life story without making excessive details the focus of inquiry. They are therapeutic because they help us reflect and find the deeper meaning behind seemingly unexpected, random events. Examination and reflection of our life journey helps its deeper meaning to be revealed so we can share it with others.

It can be intensely satisfying to review our life’s challenges and come to see ourselves in a new light. We are everyday heroes; previously overwhelming events have become a rich source of wisdom and inspiration for ourselves and others.